Utility Locator

ID Locator  

Find Utility Covers or Striping with the Road Utility Locator (Road I.D. Locator)


• Save Time and Money
• Avoid Guessing and Over Drilling
• Avoid Damage to Caps
• Prevent Costly Mistakes


The Road Utility Locator ends time-consuming Painting and Measuring. Prevents inaccurate post-paving search methods. The Road Utility Locator replaces costly surveying and marking. Protects against expensive damage to cover caps. The Road Utility Locator comes in the size of 3.5" sq x 4.25 height

Installation and Use


  Pave    Pop Up 

PLACE IN POSITION: Developed from new technology the Road I.D. Locator is easy to use: just peel off the adhesive protective strip and stick the Road I.D. Locator on to any metal cover or pavement striping prior to paving.


PAVING: This proven effective Road I.D. Locator will withstand truck tires, paving machine tracts, and hot asphalt to pop-up after paving, leaving a safe, soft flexible marker indicating the exact location of cover or striping.


RECOVERY: When paving is completed, street crews can conveniently return - days, weeks or months later, to locate and retrieve paved-over covers, caps or striping. With the Road I.D. Locator in place, this operation is accomplished quickly, accurately and safely without time-consuming searching and surveying.