Safety Ramp

Safety Ramp In Action

Safety Ramp


Safety Ramp Fast Facts

  • Made of durable 100% recycled rubber.
  • Designed for easy installation and removal by one person.
  • Each interlocking Safety Ramp section weighs less than 60 lbs.
  • 24 feet of Safety Ramp can be installed by one person in 20 minutes.
  • Screws are driven into asphalt with rotary hammer.
  • Screws are easily removed with cordless drill.
  • Safety Ramps taper from a thickness of .25 inches to 1.5 inches of a total length of 42 inches.
  • Interlocking Ramp sections are available in 3 foot and 1 foot widths.
  • For 2 inch depths, shim the thick edge of ramp up to pavement level with ½” inch thick belting.
  • Meet state requirements as an alternative to temporary bituminous ramps.



Advantages of Safety Ramp

  • Safer for workers than asphalt. Fewer workers exposed to traffic and total exposure time is shortened.
  • Smooth, uniformly molded Safety Ramps are safer for drivers.
  • Reduce labor costs to install and remove ramps.
  • Eliminate heavy equipment and operator costs required to install and remove asphalt ramps.
  • Reusable Safety Ramps eliminate ramp material costs.
  • Reusable Safety Ramps eliminate clean-up and disposal costs of used asphalt ramp material. 



Easy to Haul


East to Install


Easy to Remove

Advantages of Safety Ramp

General Specifications

MODEL NUMBER Slope " Slope Symbol " Width Height Weight


2 degrees

36 inches

1.5 inches

59 lbs


2 degrees

12 inches

1.5 inches

19 lbs.


2 degrees

36 inches

1 inch 29 lbs.

Product Composition:

100% Recycled Rubber


Compressed Molding


Technical Specifications

Characteristics Specifications Standard

Durometer Hardness:

80A +/-10

ASTM D 2240

Tension Strength:

800 PSI

ASTM D 412

Elongation, percent:

100 min

ASTM D 412


minus 40 degrees

ASTM D 746

Specific Gravity:

1.1 – 1.3

ASTM D 297


Safety Ramp Specs

Use On Transverse Milled Edges

Transverse Milled Edges


Use On End of Day Butt Joints

End of Day Butt Joints


At Bridges


At Steel Plates


Commercial Sites

Bridges-Steel Plates-Commercial Sites