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Sewer Lid Seal Kit Sewer Lid Seal Kit


Sewer Lid Seal Kit

Sealing Products To Reduce Moisture Penetration and Eliminate Lid Vibration

Sewer Lid Seal Kit

Where to use it:
  • "Sewer Lid Seal" can be used on manhole covers, utility valve-box lids, catch basin grates, and underground vault lids, where sound deadening or a water tight seal is desired.

Figure 1

Figure 2

What it is:
  • "Sewer Lid Seal" is an effective system developed to eliminate lid vibration characteristics and reduce moisture penetration. It consists of two products: Primer (1) and Tac-Tape (3).

What it does:
  • Eliminates lid rattling by providing a reliable long lasting gasket between lid and casting.
  • Seals manhole lids, gate valve box lids and under ground vault lids from debris and excessive moisture penetration.

Installation Instructions:
  1. Remove the utility lid.

  2. Wire brush the debris from the lid seat. (Figure 1)

  3. Spray a thin film, 1 1/2 - 2 mils, of Primer on the lid seat area and allow to dry.

  4. Apply the Tac-Tape to the lid seat with plastic side up and the plastic overlap to the outside. The plastic is the barrier between the bottom of the lid and the sealant tape. (Figure 2)

  5. Replace the utility lid.
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