Manhole Safety Ramp

Manhole Safety Ramp In Action

Safety Ramp Top

Features of using Manhole Safety Ramp

  • Made of durable 100% recycled rubber
  • Available in four sizes (10", 26", 28" & 31" I.D.)
  • Grip tight design
  • Stackable for storage
  • Fast simple installation

Advantages of using Manhole Safety Ramp

  • Eliminate Claims on Mill and Fill operations
  • Eliminate Material cost for cold patch
  • Eliminate Labor putting down cold patch
  • Eliminate Labor removing cold patch
  • Eliminate Disposal cost of cold patch
  • Safety Ramp protects vehicles from damage
  • Reusable
  • Cost effective
  • Various sizes

Now you can safely and smoothly ramp over those raised manholes or manhole risers during road construction projects in a matter of seconds using the Manhole Safety Ramp. Made of tough, durable rubber, these Safety Ramp Rings fit securely around raised utilities or manhole risers. They won't shift or slip. Just drop them in place, and remove them by simply picking them up. You'll increase safety and save money by reusing them again and again, year after year.


MSR Diagram


PART NUMBER A B C Weight (lbs)
MSR31 48" 31" 2" 55
MSR28 48" 28" 2" 62
MSR26 48" 26" 2" 68
MSR10 29" 10" 2" 29


General Specifications

Model # (weight) Slope "Slope Symbol" Inside "B" Dim Outside "A" Dim
MSR10 (29 lbs) 11 degrees
10 inches 29 inches
MSR26 (68 lbs) 12 degrees
26 inches 48 inches
MSR28 (62 lbs) 12 degrees
28 inches 48 inches
MSR31 (55 lbs) 12 degrees
31 inches 48 inches

Product composition: 100 % Recycled Rubber
Fabrication: Compression-Molded Composite


Technical Specifications

Characteristics Specification Standard
Density: 0.6 oz/cu in ASTM C 642
Durometer Hardness: 65A ASTM D 2240
Tension Strength: 300 PSI ASTM D 412
Elongation: 90 % ASTM D 412
Brittleness: -40 Degrees Fahrenheit ASTM D 746
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: 8x10-5 ASTM C 531

The Advantages Are Clear

Eliminate Claims Instantly by using our Manhole Safety Ramp when milling streets.

MSR Row 1

Why spend money on Labor and Material to have this

MSR Row 2

And spend money onTraffic Control, Labor and Disposal cost before paving

MSR Row 3

Make your milling jobs safer by using our Manhole Safety Ramp to obtain these results quickly saving time and money!

MSR Row 4