The Manufacturers of The Pivoted Turnbuckle Manhole Riser.

The Most Efficient, Powerful, Expanding Riser on the Market.

The Manhole Riser will reduce your resurfacing costs. Our Manhole Risers are famous for having a quick and powerful expanding pivoted turnbuckle.

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Inclined Manhole Riser

Now you can RAISE and TILT the manhole cover to match the paved surface. Our Inclined Adjustable Manhole Riser Rings feature a turnbuckle linkage pivoted at each end to provide the ultimate means to expand a manhole riser.


Catch Basin/Inlet Riser

Don’t leave your Catch Basin grates low, creating a pot hole when you can bring them up to grade quickly, efficiently and reliably using our Catch Basin Risers - designed to your specific job specifications.

Valve Box Riser

Our patented Gas Valve Risers
and Water Valve Risers come with American-made quality you have come to expect from all of our products. Installation couldn’t be simpler, and they are extremely durable.


Manhole Safety Ramp

A cost effective reusable solution for protecting exposed manholes. It has a gradient design that provides smooth riding while guarding the riser. It has a grip tight design that installs easily, and it eliminates the need for cold patching.


Safety Ramp

A reusable alternative to cold patch temporary ramps on non-interstate roads up to 55mph. Allows smooth, safe passage for motorists over transverse milled edges, steel utility plates, end of day joints, and at bridges.

Rubber Adjusting Ring

The revolutionary Rubber Adjusting Ring will eliminate noise and vibration while providing a watertight seal. It will also protect the substructure from damage. Installation is quick and easy. Each ring comes with a 3 year warranty.


Sewer Lid Seal Kit

This product will eliminate lid vibration and reduce moisture penetration. It provides a reliable long lasting gasket between lid and casting and seals manhole lids, gate valve box lids and underground vault lids from debris and moisture penetration.


Utility Locator

This small Utility Locator adheres to any surface and pops-up after being paved over with up to 5 inches of asphalt for quick locating and identification. Easily mark all types of sewer, water, gas, electric, or telephone covers under freshly paved asphalt.

E-Z Lift

The EZ-LIFT was designed
to unseat, lift, and set down a
concealed pick hole manhole cover
in one smooth motion.
You won’t need to bend, strain, or get your hands dirty. Let the EZ-LIFT do the dirty work for you.